About us

Our services allow you to find and book a car via your PC or smartphone, whether you need it for 15 min or a couple of days. After you’re done you can just give the keys to our driver assistant, who takes over after you. The company estimates a high interest level and around 500 new users in 2018. After our start up, without any active advertisement, we landed around 100 users. We thank you for your trust.

Statistics show that Danish are among the top 7 in the world in willing to share their ideas and innovations. Optimal use of long-term activities in the shared economy finds its way in transport services as well.

Not the taxies, but personal cars have become a competitor in the modern transport services, statistics also show. “Kør Mig” is interested in cooporative clients, who want to give their workers
cars without maintaining a car park. This way increases the use of transport means from actual people and it reduces the expences for the companies. Besides, the new service reduces traffic and harmful emissions.

The business model is not brand new – it has been successfully introduced in Vilnius, Lithuania. After only two years the project is turning in profit. The Lithuanian company, however, uses only two brands of cars and their rental prices are almost the same and roughly about 80% of their customer base is males. We are also expecting more male customers in the begining, but the ladies should also be able to fully enjoy the perks of shared travel.
We are planning to offer 20 rent-by-the-minute vehicles by the end of 2019 and they will all be aviable to all of our customers in Copenhagen.

Renting and booking is made entirely online, just like reserving a table in a restaurant or ordering flowers. An online map will show the location of the aviable cars and payment is done via card after the first registration in the application or inside the car. The staring fee is 30 DKK, including a car delivery to your address. After that is 7 DKK/min + 2 DKK/km and the booking needs to be at least 15 min.
Renting a car also includes a driver assistant who will be sitting in the passenger’s seat.
The condition is that you’ve had a driver’s license for at least 2 years. The driver assistant checks your ID and you’re ready to drive.

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