The Power to Choose

Mincar is the first ever minute car rental services in Copenhagen and is quite new on the market in Denmark.

With the help of out web and app platform, anyone can find and rent available cars of various classes.

One of our best services is called “Point to Point” and it’s a service providing rent a car for short period of time.

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Tips for Holiday Car Rental Savings

You hear complaints from people about problems with car hire companies than any other issue. Most often they relate to long queues, aggressive sales tactics, and a whole raft of additional charges which are made both at the pick-up and drop-off desks. We offer you a couple of quick tips to save up on your money and stress during the holiday seasons.

Book as early as possible and track rates.

Many people don’t realize that rental rates can actually change several times a day depending on the company and location. The rental companies are constantly competing for your business, and this provides an opportunity for you to save as rates fluctuate. By booking early, you give yourself the best chance of being in the market when rates drop to a low point. Most booking sites don’t require payment up front, and there’s no penalty to cancel your reservation and re-book when opportunity knocks. In many cases, someone diligently checking rates a month or two out can re-book their rental multiple times for significant savings.

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What should you check before renting a car

Here you will find useful tips and informations to get the most of your car rental experience.

1.Make sure you have your paperwork

There is nothing worse than going to the car rental just to realize that you have forgotten your driver’s license back home. Before renting a car, please make sure you have your driver’s license and a valid credit card in your name with you. Most car rental companies will require you to present a valid credit card as a guarantee, in order to cover for incidental charges such as parking tickets, traffic violations, missing fuel etc. An upfront cash deposit may be accepted instead of a credit card.

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Insiders Choose Mincar Rentals in Copenhagen

There is no easier way to drive yourself to a chosen destination. You can rent a car from the “” platform on point to point page and you can see the price. You pay for what is calculated from the website. Simple booking process – register your driver’s license, select your hour and day and send the appointment.  The car will be delivered at your address and you take the car in. The person who delivered the car will stand by you to release the contract for the rent and then return the car to the office. The difference from the taxi services and the Uber is that you are the driver of the car and you choose your own route and you are responsible for the passengers yourself and the time that you will use it.

The start delivery price is 40kr. up to 10km and 7kr per minute + 3kr per kilometer.

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