Terms and Conditions


Renter must be at least 23 years old and a 2 year old driver’s license is required along with a passport. The minimal time table for renting a vehicle is 15 min. The Renter is required to return the vehicle with all of the documents and gear that were with the car to begin with. When returning a vehicle, a delay of more than 2 hours with no warning is punished by a day’s rent for the car.

1. By no means is the driver insured against any damages caused to the lower part of the car or to the vehicle’s wheels. In addition to the prior, no insurance coverings are legally applicable in case the car driver is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance.

2. On delivery of the car, it is the renter’s responsibility to examine it and agree that the vehicle is in an overall perfect condition and proper for the use and the purpose for which the car is rented. It is equally the renter’s obligation to return to the lessor company the car along with all official documents, tools and accompanying accessories in the exact same condition in which they were delivered to him, and in the time and location specified in the rental contract. In an opposite case and after the lapse of the agreed date and time of the car collection, the renter is under the obligation to pay to the lessor company the amount corresponding to compensation for use of the car.

3. The lessor company reserves the right to recapture possession and use of the rental car at any time with no previous warning and without the renter’s consent, but at his expenses, from whatever location and by whatever means, in case in the company’s judgement there is potential risk of damage or loss of the car, as well as a risk of not collecting compensation for use and every other compensation owed to the lessor company.

4. It is the renter’s obligation to look after the car, to maintain the car in good condition, to check its mechanical condition, oil level and water level, the tyres of the car, etc., and, in general, to ensure the safe drive of the car. No repairs of the car may be realized by either the renter or third parties without the lessor company’s prior authorization.

5. Taking the car across Danish borders, as well as ferrying the car or transporting it by train or other means of transport is forbidden without the lessor company’s prior written authorization.

6. The renter will bear exclusively and in full the expenses of traffic fines or any other administrative contravention.

7. It is prohibited to use the car for transporting people or property for hire.

8. It is prohibited to use the car for taking in tow or hauling cars or other material.

9. It is prohibited to use the car for participating, running or following any kind of racing activities.It is prohibited to sublease the car to third parties.

10. It is prohibited to use the car in any purpose that is against the laws of the Denmark.

11. It is prohibited to use the car in case either the renter or the additional driver of the car is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance.

12. It is prohibited to use the car in any way that constitutes a violation of any customs, traffic or other regulations and insurance contracts.

13. No third person may use or drive the car besides the renter and any additional driver for whom the renter has accepted the daily charge for additional drivers as specified in the lessor company’s official pricelist.

14. It is prohibited to use the car for carrying, transporting of moving away heavy luggage, flammable materials, grimy or malodorous material, drugs, etc.

15. It is prohibited to use the car for conducting illegal transportation of Danish or foreign citizens or performing illegal acts.

16. Should the renter wish to prolong the rental of the car, in case the rental is over one day, it is his obligation to notify in writing the lessor company at least twenty-four (24) hours before the termination of the rental agreement, in order to receive the respective written authorization. In case of neglect to notify the company, the renter bears civil and penal liability for illegal use and deforcement (illegal withholding) of the car. In case of a prolongation, the renter is bound by the terms and conditions not only of the initial rental agreement, but also of those included in the rental prolongation agreement, whether it is about the same car or another car that was delivered to him as a replacement car.

16. During the rental period, all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable with the renter.

17. Likewise, in case the rental agreement is signed by any representative of the renter, he will be jointly and severally liable with the renter.

18. The rental agreement supersedes any prior written or verbal agreement between the lessor company and the renter.

19. Any modification of the terms and conditions agreed in the rental contract is null and void, unless agreed in writing.

20. The present rental agreement is subject to the Denmark Legislation, thus any dispute or disagreement that may arise from it between the lessor company and the renter will be under the exclusive competence of Danish Court


Renting price of the car includes:
A 200 km ride, a full ”Kasko” insurance, road taxes and passanger insurance. Payment is done when recieving the car. Acceptable forms for payment – we accept major Credit / Debit cards, PayPal, Mobile Pay or Cash on Delivery. When booking the car the Renter must pay online a deposit of 1000 to 3000 DKK, depending on the car’s class.
The prices set by Kør Mig Co. for Copenhagen airport and for an address are for a car delivery, driver assistance, rental fees, fuel, GPS services, insurance and rental contract. Prices and vehicles can be changed anytime by the company without future notice.


The renting price of the car does NOT include fuels. If the Renter returns a car with an empty tank, even though they recieved it with a full tank, the Renter must pay the amount for the fuel + 100 DKK inconvenience fee.


Fees for delivering and picking up a car to airport terminal: 100 DKK
Fees for minute rental, delivery to an address: 40 DKK in 10 km area, 60 DKK in 20 km area, 80 DKK in 30 km area.
Fine for a booked car and denied 2 hours or less before delivery: 150 DKK


The company’s cars have an active ”Kasko” insurance. The Kasko does NOT cover the rental car’s transmission damage and the interior. If the Renter loses any piece of documents or keys for the rental car, the Renter must cover the following expenses. If the rental car gets stolen and any documents and/or keys are NOT in the Renter’s possession, then the Renter must cover all of the following expenses. In case of traffic accident, regardless of fault, the Renter MUST wait for the authorities. A protocol for the incident must be acquired and the Owner must be notified.
If the rental car is damaged due to driving under the infuence, all damages must be payed by the Renter.
If the Renter causes an accident, all the expenses are reduced to the deposit, given that the Renter can produce an official protocol from the accident. If a protocol is not aviable, the Renter must cover all expenses from the accident.
A renter is responsible for an accident with 5000 DKK when said accident is caused by the renter. The kasko insurance will cover the rest.
When renting a car with the Rent per minute option, the renter is responsible for up to 3000 DKK when the accident is caused by the renter.
During a minute car rental and when a customer drives, the responsibility fee for a breakdown or any damage caused by the customer/renter are up to 2000 DKK.


MinCar’s customers can use a car with a Driver Assistant for the price of 7 DKK/min + 3 DKK/km
Remember, this is NOT a transporting service or a taxi and taxi service.
All bookings must be done in advance minimum 2 hours before requested time, from 6:00 to 18:00 and 4 hours before requested time, from 18:00 to 6:00.


MinCar’s cars can be driven outside of Denmark ONLY after a personalised agreement between the Renter and the Owner and after paying an additional fee.


All tickets and fines for breaking the traffic and parking laws of Denmark must be payed by the Renter. In case of an accident with a rental car where a life of a driver or passanger is irreversibly damaged or taken, the Owner does not take any responsibility.
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